From Stress to Energy

In this sprint we focus on 6 key habits for creating personal and organizational well-being.

From Stress to Energy Habit Sprint

The key habits are essentially the evidence-based smallest impactful behaviors that people can do on a daily basis to create a personal and organizational lifestyle that neutralizes stressors and fuels energy resources. It's a matter of awareness, focus and the right habits. 

The tricky part of building an effective stress- and energy management program, is that focus on stress and the negative impact of stress in itself is proven to be a stressor. Because often, it is not the stressful circumstance in itself that negatively effects our health, but our narrative and thinking around it. In this sprint, we are carefully aware of this side-effect and focus on changing our attitude towards stress and building the capabilities for turning stress into energy. 

Another challenge, is that whilst evidence-based stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness-based stress reduction or meditation might work wonders for the few, research shows that it is not an easy habit to build for the many.

We will start with the habits, that research and our experience have proven to be the easiest to acquire for the largest group of people and have the most impact on stress reduction and energy management.

6 From Stress to Energy Habits


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