Remote Leadership

In this sprint we focus on the key habits for keeping the team calibrated, productive, engaged and connected.

Remote Leadership Habit Sprint

The key habits are essentially the evidence-based smallest impactful behaviors that people can do on a daily basis to become better at keeping the team calibrated and connected.

The tricky part of training people on remote leadership, is that we see 'the remote part' as a side remark on leadership, while in fact it is in essence a totally different way of working together. The State of Remote Work Report 2020 states that those that work at least 75% of their time remotely, are the happiest with remote work. And that is because these organizations and teams have realized they fundamentally have to rethink and rework their processes and ways of working together.

Spread over two sprints, we focus on building the key habits for the 5 critical C's of remote leadership: Calibrate, Collaborate, Connect, Care and Celebrate. The framework is based on evidence-based leadership best practices such as: OKR goal setting, psychological safety (Amy Edmondson), Marcus Buckingham, Daniel Goleman,... but we won't go into the theory, it's all about getting started with small things differently on a daily basis. No worries, for those interested in learning more, we do provide all of our resources, but our goal is to close the knowing-doing gap, so our method is build around the doing.


In this habit sprint we will get you started with the best* habits for...

*smallest + highest conversion rate + most impactful


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