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Dream Big, Start Small

A 6 to 12 month amazing open training program on today's most important business priorities like Leadership in the New Now, Remote work and Young potentials.

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This program is 'The best of'!!!

A Open Program is an open amazing training program from 6 to 12 months on today's most important business priorities. It's an in depth inspiring learning journey where people will create the most important evidence-based habits with the biggest impact on their business.

While developing our 3 different Open Programs we studied the habits of the world's best performing organizations and teams worldwide and translated them to an actionable learning journey.

There is no other program that starts where this program starts or takes you where this program can take you. Every 2 weeks you will join our live interactive webtrainings or join for a habit coaching session.

Follow your online learning path and get plenty of extra support and content.



Looking for a way to transform your people or culture? But, for real this time?

Choose this open program: it's 6 months/a full year of ongoing in real-time inspiration and habit support. Impossible not to be transformed after this.

Add skills trainings to practice the learned skills and optimize the impact in the day to day business.


Our Open Programs

Great leaders in the New Now


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Master Class Work Remote


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Key Habits for Young Professionals


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