Giving Feedback

In this sprint we focus on 6 key habits for mastering the micro-skills that are required to be good at giving feedback.


Giving Feedback Habit Sprint

The key habits are essentially the evidence-based smallest impactful behaviors that people can do on a daily basis to build the skill of giving feedback (our daily interactions with someone account for a much bigger part of someone's readiness to accept our feedback, then any other factor). The content is based on small habits from the work of non-violent communication, Marcus Buckingham, Kim Scott and Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen.

We won’t be going into full detail about these frameworks in the sessions, instead we get people applying the key principles and habits in their business as usual.

For those interested, background information will be provided. But the most important thing, is that people will actually start building the small habits and micro-skills that will make you effective at giving feedback, and in many cases, will even help avoid the necessity for it!



In this habit sprint we will get you started with the best* habits for...

*smallest + highest conversion rate + most impactful













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